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Vent - why can't I stop???!?!?!?! by cyrkun

Haaiii there I don't really know you, but I noticed this great piece of art being added to the group and decided to take a closer look at it ^u^

Okay, 2nd critique I've ever given; here goes!

A bit that I like about this drawing is how you made it kinda "foggy" which adds to the overall sad tone. The tears also look very nice (I suck at tears and water lolol) and the blood looks very realistic.

It was very interesting how you covered up the eyes; mysterious? X3

I think maybe instead of just making the back ground a mix and mash of colors, you should make it rain, or a collage of, errr, more depressing colors like dark blue and possibly purple? AUGH, it's so hard to think of things to say 'cause it's so gooooodddddd ;o;

Keep up the great work and I sincerely hope you feel better! If I could draw this well I'd probably be uploading similar.... Depressing art too. :)
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